The Wheel Hoe: A Gardening Must Have

The Wheel Hoe: A Gardening Must Have

The wheel hoe is an invaluable tool for many gardeners. A wheel hoe has two handles that a gardener uses to direct this piece of light-weight, gardening equipment. The handles are attached to two long bars that connect to a wheel or wheels at the base of the tool. The actual garden hoe is located behind the wheel. A wheel hoe cultivator allows a gardener to weed an area of ground as well as cultivate the soil. The following looks at the history of the wheel hoe as well as its various uses.

The Development of the Wheel Hoe

Old Garden Tools - Must Have Wheel HoeThe history of the garden hoe can be traced all the way back to 1100 B.C. Basic versions of the garden hoe were used at that time in China. It wasn’t until the 16th or 17th century that the western part of the world began utilizing garden hoes in their cultivating activities. The gardening hoe has changed in appearance and design over the centuries. The wheel hoe is one of the most useful versions of this tool. For instance, the hoe wheels make it easier for a person to move down the rows of a garden. Furthermore, a wheel hoe cultivates and weeds a garden in a quick and efficient fashion. There are some wheel hoes with a wheel or wheels made of rubber. Alternatively, there are wheel hoes with wheels constructed in metal. For example, a glaser wheel hoe has a rubber tire that helps to propel the tool. A gardener’s choice of wheel hoe depends on his or her gardening needs and preferences. A gardener would be wise to check out a glaser wheel hoe as well as other designs before making a final purchase.

The Importance of the Wheel Hoe

A wheel hoe cultivator enables a gardener to cultivate his or her garden in a thorough way. Also, many gardeners find a glaser wheel hoe and other wheel hoes easy to use. The hoe wheels help this gardening tool to move forward in a smooth, uniform fashion. This is also a durable piece of gardening equipment that can handle many varieties of gardens. With proper maintenance, a wheel hoe can be an effective tool for a gardener for many years.

The Uses of the Wheel Hoe

As mentioned above, one of the main purposes of a wheel hoe is to weed gardens. A wheel hoe cultivator is used to loosen an area of soil in order to prepare it for planting. A wheel hoe also serves to aerate the soil. Hoe wheels can be bought in different sizes. There is the option of a low wheel or a high wheel to suit a person’s gardening needs. A wheel hoe can assist a gardener in maintaining a well-kept, weed free garden.  




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